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Save Me Some Smothered Chicken!

I did not grow up with smothered chicken as a traditional dish, it was never a dish my mother made I bet she's never even heard of it (sorry mom!!) but it is definitely a dish I am glad I know of now. Smothered chicken (or chicken and gravy to some) is the perfect meal for any weather I make mine with an excess amount of gravy because first of all is there even a thing as too much gravy & I have it embedded on white rice this meal is just that d*mn good!

I prefer chicken thigh for this dish there is just enough meat on the bones and not enough bone to deter me from the meal.

This bringing back memories from anyone's Sunday dinners?

PS. I don't know how to remove the audio so I am just here to tell you guys that I do not own the rights to this song!

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